Not Normal

  • Zero mass shootings. Not normal, but I want it.
  • Zero unarmed BIPOC men, women, and children killed by police. Not normal, but I want it.
  • Murdering cops convicted. Not normal, but I want it.
  • Healthy, organic food for all
  • Clean, clear water for all
  • Doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists for all
  • Warm or cool insulated homes for all
  • Safety in the streets, the stores, the schools, the salons for all
  • Dignity at work, care at school and love at home for all
  • Having an extra year with our college-age daughter
  • Volunteering with Homies Empowerment
  • Taking martial arts classes with Master Ellis
  • Facing white supremacy
  • Zooming with those far away
  • Spending time with those close by
  • Balancing work, love, and play
  • Paying attention to those who need us most



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Leslie Poynor

Leslie Poynor

Writing to make sense of the world and my place in it — from a social distance.